Cervico-Cranio-Mandibular Therapeutics Seminars Review

If you want to boost your Continuing Professional Development in regards to Upper Cervical and Tempulomandibular Disorders, any of the 4 clinical courses (Comprehensive Cervico-Cranio-MandibuarCranio-MandibularCranio-Cervical, and Cervico-Brachial) offered by Tzvika Greenbaum, Physiotherapist (MaPT Manip & Sports PhD Candidate) are unique. In relation to research and clinically that treating the craniomandibular disorders will have a positive effect on cervical spine pathologies and vice versa. In a nutshell, Tzvika's teaching  style is simple and effective with lots of years of teaching at Tel Aviv Univerisity. His clinical experience is related mostly with TMD, spine and shoulder disirders. 

Below are few powerful quotes/ facts derived from Mr. Greenbaum's seminars:


  • ''Always reassuare the patient for better outcome measures.''
  • ''The goal for physiotherapy is prevent acute patients to become chronic.''
  • ''Clinical Reasoning: "Doing the right thing, At the right time.''
  • ''No patience, No patient.''
  • ''TMD is the most common chronic musculoskeletal disorder only second to chronic LBP.''   
  • ''Do not try to fix something that is working.''  

In case you want to join any of these courses, go ahead a visit the Cervico-Cranio-Mandibular Therapeutics